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Saturday, February 21, 2009

As I sit here typing, I hear the boys screeching at each other playing tug-o-war with some toy. I can tell already that sharing is going to be our biggest challenge with them. There are moments where they totally shock me and just handle it between themselves. However, there also have been times that I have had to pry them apart and off each other. They really do love each other so much though, there is no doubt about it. The other day they were both in the living room watching Sesame Street, Austin walked over to Kaden and threw his arms around him. They stood there for a good two minutes just hugging each other. Mike was watching them and he whispered for me to come and over and look. Then they gave each other a kiss and went along with their business. I really wish I could have gotten a video of it or taken a picture, but my camera was not close enough. It was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen them do. Having them so close in age has been tough but it has also been so awesome for them. They always have each other to play with and they just want to be together.

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Sadie said...

thank you for putting these posts up, i love hearing about the little things i'm not around for :] love you