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Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin!!!!

September 12th 2007

Dear Austin,
One year ago today I was waiting eagerly to meet you...Finally at 11:07pm you made your grand entrance into this world and we finally got to kiss your sweet little face. It's been quite a busy year and you've grown from a beautiful, chubby, angelic newborn baby to a walking, talking, energetic little boy. Words can't really express how much we love and cherish you. Your big brother Kaden is so proud of you and loves you dearly. You may never believe this, but when you were a tiny baby he would kiss you every chance he got. He may not do that so much anymore, but he does love you so much. Thank you for constantly melting my heart and making me proud. We love you sweet baby Austin...more than you will probably ever know! xoxoxo