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Thursday, September 23, 2010


We are expecting our 3rd baby sometime in either late April or early May 2011! We are over the moon excited and oh so scared at the same time...

Monday, September 20, 2010

I have gotten so behind in my blogging. I've missed some very important events the last few months and it is just not acceptable to skip it. First up, Austin's 3rd birthday!!!! Yep, Our little man is 3!!! Where did all that time go?! I know, I say that about every birthday every year, and I probably will forever, so get used to it ;)

Austin had a fun birthday. I was knee deep in first trimester misery, so the planning and prepping process was hard. Luckily when they are young, all they really need is their family, friends, presents, and of course a bounce house!!!! We rented him a bounce house, and he literally jumped in it for 4 hours!!! He had so much fun. We kept it pretty simple and invited just family and some neighbors. Too many people is overwhelming for everyone... Here are the pictures to prove that Austin had the time of his life!

Then we went over to Papa and Grandma's house on Sunday, his actual birthday. We had ourselves a little party for the big birthday boy.

The boys had a great time giving "fast Grandma" a doctor checkup with Austin's new doctor kit. So as you can plainly see, Austin had a wonderful birthday! We love you little man!