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Friday, February 1, 2008

Rain, rain go away!!!!

I think it's about time for an update!!! Nothing real exciting has been going on...In fact, it's been a little difficult with all the rain trying to keep the kids entertained, especially Kaden. He loves being outside and playing with dirt, rocks, anything that will make him dirty basically. It's been hard explaining to him why he can't go outside. He has done surprisingly well though, we've just been coloring and playing with his toys. He really likes hide and go seek now, so we have been doing lots of that too! Overall, things are good. Mike and I decided last week that I would work just one day a week. That way we will have two days off together again and Mike can actually do something for himself too. So, yesterday he went golfing. I was happy that he could do that, he deserves it! He works hard for us! Austin is turning into a little boy! He now plays with toys and is way more interactive. I swear he says "Momma" too! :) Just let me think that alright!!! Kaden and Austin have started to play together a little bit and it is just the cutest thing ever!!! I love it. Hope everyone is well!