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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mike!

A Soulmate Found ♥

The very first smile, it’s the very first glance
That confuses the mind and captures the heart at first chance
Across a crowded room where the conversations roar
Heartbeats hear each other and coincide like never before

Eyes are locked together by an unbreakable bond
Seeing within the depths of the soul, the heart and beyond
Every step that’s taken draws closer to the side
Of the one with whom the heartstrings are forever intertwined

A forever bond is found, one untouchable by any other
The soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another

Laura Wojcinski

Love this man of mine. There is no doubt in my mind that we weren't made for one another. You can't see our children and not believe that!
I love you Mike
Every year keeps getting better!

3 more days till Christmas

The countdown is on....Well actually, the boys have been counting down since November. To say they are excited about Christmas would be a total understatement. Every morning Kaden asks if today is Christmas. We have a calendar hanging on the wall that every day you move santa to the pocket that counts down the days to Christmas. Every time we move Santa, they both squeal and clap, because after all it is one more day closer to Christmas. It's so cute, it's ridiculous. We have been to see Santa 3 times!!! He totally knows us now...Austin was scared of him last year, so I was kinda surprised when he climbed right up in his lap. That night we were talking about Santa and Austin said "Candy canes, LOTS OF THEM!" So now I know why he likes him so much. Kaden has asked for something different every time he has gone...I finally had to have a talk with him about him NOT getting every thing he asked for. I told him that Santa would pick one or two special things and that is what he would get. Kaden has been asking a lot of questions about Santa and Christmas. That boy is smart! I can't get anything past him...Love these boys with all my heart and it truly makes my Christmas special just seeing them get excited.

With their candy canes...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I took Kaden to see Santa yesterday in the village. He was super excited and didn't hesitate at all to jump right up in his lap. He promptly told Santa that he wanted a remote control airplane. Insert panic here...Needless to say we didn't get him a remote control airplane, we got him a bike. Which is what we THOUGHT he wanted. How can you tell a 3 year old that Santa didn't bring him what he asked for?...So guess who is going out shopping to find a somewhat age appropriate remote control airplane for Kaden? ME! If your wondering why Austin didn't go, it's because he was taking his nap. Plus he is not feeling too good right now and I didn't think it would be a good time for his first real memory of visiting Santa. I'm hoping to take them tomorrow on this weekend if Austin is feeling better. I got an adorable video of Kaden talking to Santa, but I am having issues getting it downloaded. So when i can manage to make that work, I will make sure to add it. It's truly priceless.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun at the beach Dec 14th 2009

The boys have been sick and have been on lockdown forever. So yesterday we decided to take them to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful down there...Way too pretty and warm for a mid December day. I don't even have to say much more, just look at the pictures...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

Normally we head up to Napa for Thanksgiving. It's one of the holidays that we travel to see Mike's family. This year we had so many things going on that all signs were pointing to staying home this year. It was sad because we really missed seeing everyone and spending time with our family and friends there. We stayed home this year and had a super mellow Thanksgiving. My Mom had had surgery the week before and it was nice to have everyone together for a nice dinner. We went over to my Dad and Diane's. My Mom and brother also came. During the day we took the boys out to the park and played. It was really warm and sunny here and it didn't really feel like winter at all.

The day after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas. We didn't get the tree right away, but we started putting out the fun decorations. With young children, the joy of Christmas is so exciting and contagious. I love seeing their little faces light up when they see a house decorated with lights or when we first turn on our Christmas tree after decorating it. I love the smell of apple cinnamon when i open my door and walk in my house. The smell of the Christmas tree when I walk in the family room. I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven and boys peering into the window on the stove waiting for them to be done. I remember being little and loving Christmas, I want that for our boys too. Here are some pictures of the holiday decorating and some of the festivities that have been going on around here.

This year Kaden got to be in the Arroyo Grande Christmas parade with his school. He absolutely loved it. We decorated his scooter all up and he was so happy. Mike walked in the parade with him (such a good Dad), and I sat with my Mom, brother, Dad, Stepmom and Austin. It was so great to see Kaden having such a good time riding his scooter.
Last Friday we went to the Christmas parade in SLO and then got our tree on Saturday. We decided this year we were going to cut down our own tree. The boys loved picking out a tree and cutting it down.

Life is good