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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more days till Christmas

The countdown is on....Well actually, the boys have been counting down since November. To say they are excited about Christmas would be a total understatement. Every morning Kaden asks if today is Christmas. We have a calendar hanging on the wall that every day you move santa to the pocket that counts down the days to Christmas. Every time we move Santa, they both squeal and clap, because after all it is one more day closer to Christmas. It's so cute, it's ridiculous. We have been to see Santa 3 times!!! He totally knows us now...Austin was scared of him last year, so I was kinda surprised when he climbed right up in his lap. That night we were talking about Santa and Austin said "Candy canes, LOTS OF THEM!" So now I know why he likes him so much. Kaden has asked for something different every time he has gone...I finally had to have a talk with him about him NOT getting every thing he asked for. I told him that Santa would pick one or two special things and that is what he would get. Kaden has been asking a lot of questions about Santa and Christmas. That boy is smart! I can't get anything past him...Love these boys with all my heart and it truly makes my Christmas special just seeing them get excited.

With their candy canes...

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