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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I am super bummed that I didn't get any pictures from Thanksgiving this year. I don't know what I was thinking! No scratch that, I know, I was cooking all day long!!!! We stayed home this year because the boys had been really sick with strep throat and we just didn't feel like traveling would be good for them. Mike and I decided to do Thanksgiving at our house and have my Mom and brother over. Papa and Grandma were away on a much needed vacation to San Francisco. My Mom came over early to help us and we just cooked our little booties off all day long. The night before Mike and I brined the turkey in a big 5 gallon bucket. Mike bbq'd the turkey the next day, it was the best, most flavorful juicy turkey ever. We will never cook another turkey any other way, and that includes brining it. It is really the key to a moist flavorful turkey. We had all the standard fixins. Turkey, mashed potatoes and Gravy, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie...It all turned out so good. I was really impressed with us!

This time last year my Mom had just been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. It was a really hard time of year for us all. What a difference a year makes, she finished up her treatment in April this year and so far has been doing great. So this year was extra special for us and I found myself feeling more thankful than ever for her and her life. It was truly so special to have her over for dinner and to see her so healthy and full of life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brothers for life!

By far, the greatest thing about having these two boys so close in age is the relationship that they have formed. They are best buddies. Neither one of them feels right about being away from the other. I love that no matter what, they always have a friend. They fight over toys and who is touching the others things, but overall they really just love one another. It is the most great thing for Mike and I to see.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Fall haircut for Austin

We cut Austin's hair and he was more than happy to do a little photo shoot on the front porch for me. I really love this little personality that is busting out of this boy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mud pies and mud fights

As usual the boys spent lots of time in November playing out in the backyard. Making mud pies, having mud fights, and getting super dirty. That's ok though, after all these years with them I am so over the whole keeping them clean thing. Every boy needs to get super muddy once in a while, or maybe every day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Avila Valley Barn in the fall....

Our boys love going to the Avila Barn during the Fall. They have tons of hay everywhere and a big fun maze. They always have so much fun feeding the animals and running around like banchees. This year, they both wanted to go in the big maze. So I went in with them the first time and they wanted to keep going in. Honestly, it kinda freaked me out and I didn't like feeling of being trapped in there. So I let them go back in by themselves. I told them to stay together and they went through several times with no problems. Well the last time, they were taking a little longer to poke there little heads out. I wasn't worried, I figured they were just roaming around in there together. Well, Austin came out without Kaden. He said that he had lost Kaden. So we waited a few more minutes, still no Kaden. I still wasn't worried. Then this lady comes out holding Kaden's hand and he was in tears. Poor guy got lost in there and couldn't find his way out. He panicked when he lost Austin and was just beside himself in tears. So this sweet lady helped him find his way out. He was totally traumatized. It brought back flashbacks for me at the midstate fair going into those creepy fun houses with the mirror mazes. I totally got lost once, and it traumatized me forever. Kaden wouldn't go back in that maze again. Sad...Here are a few pictures of them at the barn this year.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just some sweet pictures from the month of October...
(Hiking out in Oso Flaco)

Love these two pictures taken out at the Pismo pier on an early morning walk with the family. The boys just look so refreshed and precious...

Mike and I got to go to a couple 49er games this season. It was fun to hang out with my husband, even though the 49ers pretty much suck this year... Sorry babe, but you know it too!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The boys had a really great Halloween this year. Lots of could it be bad? Kaden decided that he wanted to be superman this year and Austin wanted to be a monkey. Grandma Diane made Austin's costume. She put some much work and love into it. It just made it more special for him. They went trick or treating earlier in the day down at the village of AG, just to all the businesses. It was kinda crazy down there and I don't think we will do that next year. Later on that evening, we went over to Papa and Grandma's house for dinner and trick or treating. There is not much more to say, so I will just post some adorable pictures...