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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Avila Valley Barn in the fall....

Our boys love going to the Avila Barn during the Fall. They have tons of hay everywhere and a big fun maze. They always have so much fun feeding the animals and running around like banchees. This year, they both wanted to go in the big maze. So I went in with them the first time and they wanted to keep going in. Honestly, it kinda freaked me out and I didn't like feeling of being trapped in there. So I let them go back in by themselves. I told them to stay together and they went through several times with no problems. Well the last time, they were taking a little longer to poke there little heads out. I wasn't worried, I figured they were just roaming around in there together. Well, Austin came out without Kaden. He said that he had lost Kaden. So we waited a few more minutes, still no Kaden. I still wasn't worried. Then this lady comes out holding Kaden's hand and he was in tears. Poor guy got lost in there and couldn't find his way out. He panicked when he lost Austin and was just beside himself in tears. So this sweet lady helped him find his way out. He was totally traumatized. It brought back flashbacks for me at the midstate fair going into those creepy fun houses with the mirror mazes. I totally got lost once, and it traumatized me forever. Kaden wouldn't go back in that maze again. Sad...Here are a few pictures of them at the barn this year.

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