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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kaden loves to dance!

Kaden discovered my ipod this week. He really loves having the headphones in his ears and hearing the music so good. When he wants me to get it out, he says, "Momma, dance.." He puts the headphones up to his ears and dances, no matter what song comes on. Oh, my sweet little Kaden, I love that boy more every day. He has the best personality. He surprises me all the time with the things he says and does. He is learning to say "I love you", to me that is the best thing ever. He still loves having his Daddy take him to the park to play but he is still a true momma's boy. We have a special bond.

Austin's 4 month checkup...

Austin had his four month check up today! He is doing very good...He weighed 16lbs 3oz. (75th%) and he was 27" long (<95%). As you can see, he is very tall for his age! It's hard to believe that Kaden was this size once. Austin did have to have 4 shots today, that was so sad!!! He cried pretty hard for a few minutes and then he was over it. Overall, things went well. Kaden was a little concerned that the appointment was for him. He was a little scared at first until we told him he just got to watch today. They are so cute and I feel so very blessed to have them.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our big ol' boy!

Austin weighs 17lbs already! He is a linebacker in the making apparently. He is just getting so big, so fast and it's freaking me out a little! :) Slow down baby boy, Mama needs you to be little for a little longer!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just a few of my new favorites....

Austin 3 1/2 monthsKaden on his new tricycle
Kaden at the park

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!

Can anyone else believe how big Austin is getting? Austin is fast approaching 4 months old. He is a sweet boy who has won all three of us over. He absolutely loves Kaden, in fact I think Kaden might be his favorite thing to look at. It's so cute to see him watching his big brother and smile. Kaden continues to be an awesome big brother and loves his brother more everyday too! He smiles when Austin smiles and laughs when he laughs. I can see the bond between them growing strong already. I told Kaden that before long Austin will be up running around with him and he liked that idea. Kaden amazes us all the time with his ever expanding vocabulary. He is really learning how to communicate a lot and I have to say it's pretty cute. The things he's into these days are, sitting up on the kitchen counter while I cook dinner, playing with his toys from Santa, and playing with dirt. He got a tricycle from santa (aka "pa pa") and this tricycle might be one of the coolest ones I've ever seen. Kaden is still learning what to do on it, but he certainly loves to stand on the back. He loves it....

We are all doing well, I am enjoying being back at work two days a week. Mike is adjusting to taking care of the boys one day all day! I have to say that he is doing an amazing job and seems to have it amazingly "together" when I come home from work. He can be "Mr. Mom" if need be and that is a very good thing!!! I am lucky! Everyone is healthy and were just very busy! Love to everyone! Good night!