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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1st year of tee ball-The Brewers

Both Mike and I grew up playing sports. We both really loved being active and involved in sports as kids and also want that for our kids, as long as they are into it. Kaden showed interest in playing tee ball this year, so we signed him up. Both Mike and I thought that it would be fun to be as involved as possible, so Mike signed up to coach. We lucked out and he is co-coaching with another great guy/Dad. So far the experience couldn't have been better. Kaden has always been a little leery about trying new things and I know it has helped him tremendously having Mike as involved as he is. You can tell he feels "special" that he is the coaches son. Ever since the first practice, I have seen something emerge in Kaden. Maybe it's confidence or maybe it's just sheer happiness that he is finally getting to play baseball. He is getting some serious quality time with his Daddy and it's just been really really great for him, and for Mike too. Huge time commitment, but so worth it. I am just really happy that we signed him up and that things have been going so great for him. I have to hold back on taking pictures because I feel like it's just one photo opportunity after another with them playing in their cute little uniforms. Here are some of my favorites of them so far. Oh, I should mention, Austin is not technically on the team, but he sure thinks he is. It has been kinda tough on him this year because he did miss the deadline to play by just a few months. He luckily gets to be very involved and actually goes out on the field with the team during the games. It is obviously very laid back and Mike is always out there with him. Hard for me to see him sad when he can't go up to bat or when we tell him he can't have a snack at the end of the game because there are only enough snacks for the kids on the actual team. Heart breaking...The hardest by far was the first game when all the kids were getting ready to go out on the field from the dug out, Austin had his glove on and he was right there with the team. He started heading out on the field and we had to tell him that he couldn't go out there because he wasn't old enough. You might as well of taken a knife and stabbed me in the heart because it was seriously so sad to see his little shoulders slouch down and he looks up at me with his little puppy dog eyes and says "But I'm a Brewer..." Saddest/Happiest tee ball day ever!!! Since then we have realized that it's not a big deal if he goes out there on the field with the team. He blends right in, he's bigger than some of the kids on the team, and all he really needs is a few minutes out there and he feels like a part of the team. It's just really fulfulling and so amazing to see our little boys thriving and loving their life.

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