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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg hunt 2011

I usually avoid public Easter Egg hunts every year for several reasons. 1) Mike usually always works that day and I am not brave enough to take 2 crazy boys out by myself with the amount of people that swarm to these events 2) It honestly makes me cringe a little to be around that many people myself. This year, however, Kaden and I were talking about some of the things we were going to do this weekend and he mentioned the Easter egg hunt at his school like there was no question on whether or not we would go, like it was just something you did on Easter. At first I told myself there was absolutely no way that I was going to attempt it this year being as pregnant as I am even with help. Then, Mommy guilt crept in and I starting thinking that I had never taken them to an "actual Easter Egg hunt" and that this was the last Easter I would have with just them without another baby to take care of. So I decided I would just brave it out and go. My Mom agreed to come with me and help. I have to admit, I was really not looking forward to it at all. They had the hunt set up in 3 sections for different age groups. Supposedly the parents were only allowed to hunt with the 0-2 year old group. So the parents were supposed to stay behind the white line and not follow their kids into the hunting area. It was a HUGE area with hundreds of kids and parents just in our age group. When they said "GO!" of course the boys charged in. I realized quickly that all the other parents were following their kids and my kids were getting lost in a sea of people. So my Mom and I of course followed them in. Even though we told them to come back in our direction, I knew that wouldn't happen. So we found them and the hunt was over within minutes. So not worth it, each boy only got a few eggs. We were all standing in the middle of the field waiting for the others to filter their way through this small exit gate. The boys were still kinda running around looking for strangler eggs. I look around and realize that Austin is not with us. I start looking all around and can't find him anywhere. There were hundreds of people outside the fences just standing around and I totally starting panicking. This lady stopped me and told me how cute I looked all pregnant :) and I just burst into tears. That poor lady. I told her that I had lost my son. I finally made it outside the gate and found him pretty quickly. He was staying in one spot but turning circles looking all around for me. He was starting to cry and was calling "Mommy!" I swooped him up and gave him a big hug. I have never lost either of them like that and it just freaked me out. Took me a few minutes to gather my composure. Then we went off to do the bounce houses and the pony rides.
Phew! What a day... Not sure if we will be attempting the good old hunt next year. I know the boys think it's fun, but in my opinion it's just not worth it. Maybe I will look around for one that is organized differently and take them there. Afterall, next year I will have 3 boys to watch! eek! While leaving we stopped at the fire truck to take a few pictures.

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