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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waiting for Weston

Sitting here at the computer thinking that I really need to catch up on some of this blogging, since Weston will be here very shortly. I only have about 2 weeks till my due date and even two weeks is nothing. Besides I highly doubt that I go that long. I feel like it could be any day, but pregnancy and childbirth is such a wild card sometimes and I really have no idea what will happen. All I know is that I am enjoying these last few days as a family of 4. Loving our boys and trying to spend some good old quality time with them. I know they are going to be great with the new baby. However, I don't think they understand how much our lives will change. Can't wait to see Austin with Weston. He is already so protective and interested in the baby.

My heart went to moosh when Kaden brought this home from school the other day. Seriously seriously precious...

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