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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kaden is 5!!!!

Crazy that Kaden is 5. Sometimes I think about 5 years and I think it can't be true. Then I look at him and how much he has changed from the sweetest, cutest, little chubby cheeked baby to a little man. He is so so funny. His personality is priceless and we love him so much. He had a great birthday party at our house this year. Wasn't sure how it was all gonna pan out because I was 36 weeks pregnant, but honestly it couldn't have gone better. He was so happy and loved every minute of it and to me that is a success. We started the day out with a tee ball game bright and early (tee ball-another subject that is blog worthy). We had family and friends come to the game that morning and to the party and it truly made Kaden's day. The party went perfectly. The bounce house arrived about an hour before it was going to start. My Mom and I cracked up as they blew this thing up and it slowly took up most of our back yard. It was so funny. The bounce house was a total hit and most of the kids spent 90% of the time in there. We did have face painting, cake and icecream, a pinata, and presents too. Overall it was a great success and we had 2 happy boys at our house. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The crazy large bounce house filling our yard :)

Grammie with the birthday boy!

Grammie going down the slide

Kaden whacking the pinata

Some of us ladies hanging out in the kitchen...Posted this so you could see the bump!


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