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Sunday, December 7, 2008

We had to miss the Christmas parade this year, which i was kinda sad about. We haven't ever missed it since Kaden has been born. It has become a tradition of ours to go. Since the boys have been so sick the last month we just decided not to bring them out in the cold for that long. Instead, we decided to go get our tree!!! So, off we went to the Christmas tree place. Kaden was the most excited of us all and wondered through the place saying things like "WOW, look at that one!" He was very enthusiastic and totally in awe of all the trees. After looking around the whole place, we settled on one. We roped it to the top of our little car and off we went.
We quickly realized once we got home that it may be too much to decorate the tree with lights and garland with Austin around. He was totally in awe of it all. We decided he would have to go to bed. I felt bad, but after all it was his bedtime and it just wasn't worth the headache of trying to keep him away from it. Kaden did stay up and he was a really big help and oh so cute. At one point he exclaimed "This is going to be the best Christmas EVER!" I couldn't help but smile just seeing the joy and happiness he was feeling at the moment. He is in love with Christmas! This is really the first year that he is beginning to truly understand the concept of Christmas. It's adorable. When the boys woke up the next morning, I knew that it was going to be a challenge to keep them away from the tree and to get the point across that the tree wasn't a toy, that it could fall over and hurt them. All morning was spend telling them "no!" and taking their little fingers off the ornaments. After 2 hours of this, I had had it!!! I took the Christmas tree and put in the back yard!!! I couldn't take it anymore. I called Mike and told him that I didn't want a Christmas tree this year.I know, I know...bad attitude! After about an hour, as I sat on the couch looking out into the backyard, I started to feel really bad and moved it back in. I have to say, it taught the boys a lesson and they really haven't messed with it much since. :) I decided that I just needed to get the boys out of the house so they weren't tempted to mess with the tree and also to get out some of their energy...

Here are some pictures of their cuteness at the park.

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