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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waffle thief...

Pretty much every morning the boys request waffles...This morning, Austin was ready right away and ate all his waffle in less than 2 minutes...The boy can eat. He spied Kaden's uneaten waffles across the table and started pointing and whimpering...I got him down figuring he had eaten enough. A few seconds later, I look over and he had climbed up on the chair and was eating Kaden's waffle. Obviously he was hungry still, so I let him eat it. When Kaden came in and realized there wasn't a waffle on his plate, I made him another. I look over as Kaden starts to yell, and Austin is up on the chair next to him trying to sneak another bite of his waffle. This all after he had eaten 2 of his own! Kaden ate two also! I have some hungry boys on my hands!
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Giggly said...

I hear ya! Max is always stealing his sisters waffles ;)