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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Day

We had a really good Christmas this year and I am finally sitting down to write about it. This year was especially fun because of the boys ages. Kaden really understood the concept of Christmas and I loved that. They both enjoyed decorating the house for Christmas and squealed with delight each and every time they saw Christmas lights up on a house. You could just see the pure happiness all over their faces. Kaden and I made cookies for Santa on the 23rd. After much thought, we decided on oatmeal chocolate chip. Kaden got to eat one after we were finished and he was happier than I have ever seen him. Christmas Eve, the boys and I delivered cookies to our neighbors. I had to get those dang cookies out of the house!!! Plus I wanted the boys to experience giving to our neighbors. After we did that, we headed over to my Dad's house for a Christmas Eve celebration. For my Dad's side of the family, Christmas Eve was always the big day to celebrate. They made a prime rib roast for dinner. It was really good. We got home early that night. We tried the whole "Santa won't come unless your asleep" routine with Kaden and it didn't work. He was up till 10!! Mike and I got a late start on getting everything ready for the morning. Mike and I had decided before that we were just going to do stockings for each other, because we are buying a treadmill together. Mike and I both put the shopping off till last minute and he was going to go Christmas Eve when he got off work. Well, he mysteriously got off work an hour after he was supposed to and then told me he was too tired to go get the stuff for my stocking. Little trickster, he of course had already shopped and surprised me with a special gift and a whole stocking too. He is so sneaky. Little did he know, I was onto him the whole time! :) Austin decided that night that he wanted to wake up at 12am and not go back to sleep till 4am... It was a really long night and Christmas morning we all woke up miserably tired. My Mom and Brother came over to open gift with us. I made a blueberry cream french toast casserole that was amazing! After several cups of coffee and several toddler meltdowns, we went back over to my Dad's for the Christmas Day celebration brunch. We all ate eggs benedict, opened stockings, gifts, and played till we couldn't play anymore. The boys got ridiculous amounts of toys and were extremely blessed this year with not only "stuff" but lots of love! I got a camera (Canon Powershot) which I'm totally stoked about and Mike got his infinite golf membership from my Dad. The boys were beat down tired by the end of all this and so were Mike and I. We headed home for a relaxing evening. All in all, Christmas this year was amazing. We had so much fun this year just being together and doing all the "christmasy" stuff. Next year, I'm sure will be even better.
Kaden on his new tricycle and Austin on his tractor

Austin on his tractor

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! We wish you a happy New Year 2009!!!

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