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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kaden, Our Christmas elf...

Our little elf...

Some cute/toddlerish things Kaden has said lately...

We stopped by Mike's work yesterday on the way to the park to say "hi" to Dad...Mike knew that I was having a rough time with the boys and tree. He decided to go out to the car and have a little chat with Kaden about the tree...

Mike: "So I hear you guys have been messing with the Christmas tree all know that Santa is watching you when you do this. We may have to get rid of the tree if you guys don't leave it alone, and Santa may not come if we don't have a tree." (I know, kinda mean huh?! :))

Kaden: "NO! YES HE WILL!"

Mike: "You need to be nice and listen to Mama or I'm going to "handle" you when I get home"

Kaden: "NO! I'll handle YOU!"

Really?, It's starting already?!!

The boys were being really good in the car on the way to the park so I told them that I was going to call Santa and make sure he knew how good they were being.

Kaden: "NO!"

Me: "Don't you want Santa to know that your being good?"

Kaden: "No, he might make loud noises"

NO more pictures please!

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Giggly said...

We got a fake tree this year so we could set it up high enough to KEEP Max OUT OF REACH. He still sneaks little bulbs off :( Last year he was only 8 months and walking. We remembered how hard it was to keep away from the the tree.
Maybe next year we'll get a real one. I never had to worry when our daughter was little and we always got the biggest real tree :), she just liked to look at it.

Sounds like your boys are doing pretty well now. That's so cute that Kayden is getting into the spirit this year :)