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Monday, July 20, 2009

Tree fort

Mike decided that he wanted to build the boys a fort in the backyard. Last night he was trying to describe his plan. I couldn't quite get a picture of what this fort might look like. Well, sure enough, this morning he was bound and determined to get this fort made. When he told Kaden that he was going to build him a fort, Kaden said "THANK YOU!" He was so excited, that is just what came out of his mouth. So Mike hauled the boys to the hardware store to get his supplies. I was busy in the house cleaning and doing stuff around the house and I look out in the backyard and I was amazed at what I saw out there. He really did have a great idea and he knew how to execute that idea. I was impressed. Kaden patiently "helped" Mike out there all day. I don't know how many times i heard "are you done yet Daddy?! " Kaden couldn't wait to get up there and check out his new little spot. Here are the pictures...What a man my husband is!

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Elise said...

what a cute dad! what cute kids! what a cute family! this is so sweet.