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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mid State Fair 2009

We took the boys to the fair up in Paso last night. There were a ton of people and at first it was a little stressful. We worked our way through the crowd and got the boys some dippin' dots before heading over to the rides. Here they are enjoying their dippin dots
Then we headed over to the rides. We originally were just going to walk through. We didn't want to spend tons of money and we really didn't think the boys would like the rides. The whole time we were walking through, Kaden kept talking about how he wanted to go on everything. Both Mike and I felt bad not letting them go on at least one ride if they wanted to. So we bought some tickets. The first ride they went on was an airplane ride. Mike decided to go on it with them because there was one part where the ride went kinda fast. We didn't know if they would get scared. Turns out they both loved it so much they didn't want to get off. Austin actually cried when Mike took him off the ride. It's hard for them to understand that there is an end to the fun. Here are some pictures of them on that.
Since the first ride was such a hit, we decided to move on to the next one. Then they went on the truck ride. This time they went by themselves. It was so cute to see them sitting next to each other having so much fun.

They went on the slide next...After that, all the tickets were gone. They were just getting started and wanted to keep going. We had to explain to them that all the tickets were gone and that we couldn't go on anymore rides. Kaden kinda started to cry for a minute. However, earlier in the night someone had given us a plastic samurai sword that they had won, they couldn't bring it in to the concert so he gave it to us. Everything was all better when Kaden got to hold that samurai sword. Overall, we had a great time! We are both really happy that we took them. With both of our boys, at some point there has been one defining moment where we realize that they are a big boy now, no longer a baby. For Austin, it was last night. He was so happy to be at the fair and I never imagined he would be so excited about it all. He is becoming way less shy now and he even gave smokey the bear a high five while Kaden was literally hiding under the stroller. So far this morning we have watched the videos of the boys going on the rides a dozen times and as we speak Austin is trying to climb up in my lap to watch them again. Next year we may just have to get them the wrist bands so they can just ride all the rides they want! Maybe not since Kaden did throw up on the way home.... :(

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