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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The beginning of summer 09'

As I sit here writing, the sun is just now kinda making it's way out. I can hear tons of birds chirping and as I look out the window I can see green grass, lots of flowers, and our garden. To me this means one thing...summer is here.

Some of you may know that Kaden has had a fear of water for about a year and a half. He got knocked over by a wave down at the beach right before he turned 2. This has made quite the impact on him and he is just now starting to want to get in the water again. He will take baths obviously but he wanted nothing to do with the pool or the beach. I haven't forced him into anything but I have given him opportunities to get in the water. He has wanted nothing to do with it. Within the last week we have been able to get him back in the pool! I am so happy that he is conquering his fears and giving it another try. We took him to my Mom's pool this week and he had a great time. His Uncle D came down and got in the water too. Dustin was trying to play with him in the pool and grabbing at his feet and he did not like that. He got real serious and said to him " I need for you to leave me alone Uncle D". We have been trying to teach him how to stick up for himself and be assertive and I was proud that he did that. But overall, the pool experience was great. I will be taking him back there alot this summer. Austin obsolutely loves the pool. He went right in and was even jumping off the side into my arms. No fear at all for that boy. He really loved the hot tub though and wanted to be in there most of the time. Kaden stuck with the big pool and didn't want to go in the hot tub. I don't have pictures of him at the pool, but I did take some of him trying on the goggles I got him. I think one of the reason's he doesn't really like water alot is because he HATES having water in his eyes. So the goggles seemed logical. He really loves them, as you can see from the pictures below...I just love this boy!

Like i mentioned earlier, Austin has no fears yet. He just goes for it. Along with him getting bigger and bigger everyday, he is also more handsome every time I see him. I love hearing every new word that comes out of his mouth, the independence that he is showing more and more, and when he comes running to me still wanting to be held (usually only when I'm making dinner). I love him with all my heart, like I could explode.I feel like I have been able to appreciate my family alot more lately. I think I may be emerging from the postpartum darkness of having two boys so close together. I know that my outlook, mood and just overall attitude has changed. I really do think it has to do with my hormones and the wackiness that comes with being a Mom...I feel like a new person really. I have also lost 22lbs, so I'm sure some of that new found happiness comes from just feeling better all around. I'm just happy that I am enjoying my family and living life again from a new perspective.

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