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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date Night June 27th 2009

Mike and I got to have a "date night" last night. However, it wasn't just an ordinary date night where someone watches the kids and we go pick them up after. Cody had offered to take the boys for the night!! I gotta be honest, I was really freaking nervous about it. For one, the boys still wake up occasionally at night and they have never really been comforted in the middle of the night except by me. Kaden also is known to have bad dreams on occasion. Oh and did I mention Cody lives in a studio. I was just nervous about all the unknowns. We dropped them off and headed back home to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at AJ Spurs. The picture above was taken just as we headed out the door. Dinner was pretty good, I had fire roasted vegetables with rice pilaf and the dinner came with soup, salad and these really good fried potatoes. The atmosphere is a bit much there, think stuffed animals everywhere and antler chandeliers. They even had some birds hanging by a string from the ceiling. I thought it was a bit "overkill", but the food was good. We really didn't have a plan for the rest of the night. We thought about a movie, but we couldn't make it out of the restaraunt in time to see the movie we wanted to see and 10pm was just out of the question. :) We went and rented a movie. We ended up with "He's just not that into you", I obviously picked it out. I have to say I was rather disappointed in this movie. Despite the list of well known actors, the movie was kinda depressing. It was funny at times, but most of the movie was this guy cheating on his wife. Parts were funny, but we actually didn't even finish it. We just got too tired and wanted to go to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep. I was thinking about my babies and wondering if they were thinking about me. I was kinda sad to have them away. It just doesn't feel right. So as I sit here and write, I still don't know how they did last night. I am resisting sending Cody a text and asking how it all went. I figure I will wait for Mike to wake up, and he can call him. I just want to see them and kiss their little faces...I just hope that they actually slept and we aren't in for a day of fussy, tired toddlers. Which may be inevitable considering the circumstances. When we last checked in with them at 9pm, they were all jumping on the bed. This is usually when they are sleeping peacefully in their beds here...We shall see. Overall, it was great having the time with my husband. I just love him to pieces and it's nice to actually be able to show him attention and have a conversation without being interuppted. It was great and hopefully it's not too long before we can do it again...

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