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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took Kaden today to see him first movie in a theater. We have seen the previews for "UP" for awhile now and every time we see them, Kaden gets really excited. So I figured we could go see that. One thing I forgot about and quickly realized as the movie began, is that it's loud, REALLY loud. Every boom and crash is applified by a hundred. Kaden has always been sensitive to noise since he was a baby. I just didn't even think about the noise level while considering taking him. I imagined him beaming as we walked in the theater and him seeing the HUGE screen.. When we got out of the car he said, "I am so happy!" After we bought our tickets and we went into the snack area, you could tell he could smell the popcorn. He was in love right away. When we walked into the actual theater he couldn't believe his eyes. I told him that he could sit anywhere he wanted and he chose to sit in the middle front section. He had nobody in front of him. It was perfect. Kaden didn't like the previews so much and after a new one would come on, he would say "when is the movie gonna start?" After about 5 previews (even I was getting antsy) the movie started. Knew this was special because I brought him some treats and I think he enjoyed those more than the movie. The movie was really cute. In fact, I KNOW that I liked it more than Kaden did. I think that if I could do it over, I would have waited for a different movie for him. I think the story line was way over his head. Afterall it was rated PG. I really loved it and wished we didn't have to leave 10 minutes before the movie was over. He was acting kinda tired and miserable after it was over, so maybe it was a bad time to take him. Not sure...I just hope I can convince him to go back next time. Maybe a less intense movie at a different time...

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