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Saturday, October 3, 2009


So I guess it's time for an update on here. We are all finally feeling better after getting sick at the beginning of September. The boys have been so funny lately. They are playing so well together these days. They entertain each other for hours...It's great. We still have to break up plenty of screaming fights, but overall they really really love each other.

The newest thing we have battled is breaking Kaden of his paci habit. Yes, he is 3 1/2!!!! We took Austin to the doctor for his 2 year checkup (more on that later) We got to talking about the paci habits they both have and Dr Macias thought it really was time for Kaden to be free of his addiction to his beloved paci. He told him that on Friday that week (it was on a Monday) he wanted Kaden to throw away his paci. We counted down the days with him and talked to him alot about it. We marked each day on the calendar and circled Friday so he knew that was the day. He really only had the paci while in bed for the last year or so, but if it were up to him, he would have had it in all day. He totally relied on it to relax and to fall asleep. Since Kaden was a baby, as soon as the paci would go in his mouth, his hand would go up in his hair and he would play with his hair to soothe himself. He has continued to do this all the way up until last Friday. When the paci left, the hair swirling and twirling did too. So Friday came and I told Kaden that since it was his last day of having his paci, that he could have it all morning. He took full advantage of that and I seriously didn't hear a peep from him all morning... By 11 or so I told him maybe he needed to give the paci a break for a little bit and eat a snack. He walked right over to the trash and threw it away. Keep in mind he has done this several times in the last few months and we have had to dig it out when he couldn't fall asleep at night. This time I told him that since he threw it away, it was gone and we weren't going to dig it out. He seemed fine with it. He didn't take a nap that day, which I wasn't really surprised about. I was more worried about night time. The paci had almost a physical dependence. On one of the days that he had thrown his paci away before, he had told me that he needed something to make his mouth warm and cozy. I felt really bad about this intense dependance on the paci. After all it was us that gave it him and didn't take it away from him at an early enough age to where he didn't form this severe attachment to it. I gotta say that after all the build up to the big day, it went incredibly smooth. That first night Kaden was tired from not having a nap during the day. So when we put him to bed that night, he did have a little bit of a hard time but it was NOTHING like I imagined it would be. After less than 10 minutes he was fast asleep in his bed. I was a little anxious about how the rest of the night would go. He did wake up several times that night. I just tried to encourage him that he could do it and that he was going to be so proud of himself in the morning. The best reward was waking up to him (@6:45 by the way) squealing with delight "I made it all night without my paci!!!!" He was soproud of himself. Once he got through the first night, he knew that he could do it. We told him that once he got through the first night we would take him to pick out a special toy. So we did that on Saturday. He picked out Optimus Prime, it has several buttons and makes different noises and it's eyes light up. He is such a boy! Every night has been smoother and smoother and there have even been some nights where has gone to sleep without even making a peep. If you know Kaden and his bedtime antics, you will know that this is amazing. He hasn't napped since, but I will take that any day for having him be free from the paci. I am so beyond proud of him. It has truly been WAY easier than I expected. He still continues to amaze me everyday with his zest for life and his sweet nature. Love that boy to pieces...

Kaden with his "Optimus Prime"
Mike got these glasses from a lady at work. Have you seen the commercial? I don't even remember what it's for but I laugh every time Kaden puts them on and says "ESTRADA!"

Like I mentioned earlier, we took Austin to his 2 year check up. He is doing great! Here are his stats from the appointment...
Height: 35" (70th %)
Weight: 28lbs (50th%)

He did have to get one shot and he didn't like it, but he didn't cry. He just yelled "OW" really loud. Poor babe. He is so hilarious these days. It seems the day he turned 2, he changed....He is really learning to assert himself now and loves to growl "MINE!"....and "NO!" As strange as it sounds I really do love the fact that he is growing like this, I know it's all part of the process of learning and discovering who he is. He is still as sweet as ever and now hold his hands up to me and says in the sweetest little voice "Hold you mama". He is beginning to put words together too and form sentences. Last night we were all talking about Austin giving up the beloved paci, otherwise known as the "tee tee" to Austin, when Kaden said that he was going to throw his "tee tee" away, Austin yelled at him "NO! Don't do it!" SO precious....I am really loving the age and stage both boys are at right now. They are both at perfect ages for playing together and it everyday I see the bond they have growing stronger and stronger. 9 times out 10 Austin is up before Kaden in the morning, as soon as Kaden comes out of his room, Austin's eyes light up and his voice gets about 10 levels higher and he says "Hi Kaden!" It's so adorable....Usually Kaden greets Austin with a hug if he is in a good mood, sometimes he doesn't want anyone to talk to him or look at him for a good 10 minutes. Either way, Austin is just happy as a clam that his big brother is up for the day and soon they will be playing together.
Many of you know that I have been doing Weight Watchers. I started in mid April. I have lost 31lbs so far. I still have about 10 more to go, but words can't describe how much better I feel. I feel disgusted that I let myself get like I did, but at the same time I am so proud that I did what I set out to do. It has affected my life in more positive ways that I can even explain. All our lives are better because of it. When you are not happy with yourself, it's really hard to be happy with ANYTHING. I have so much to be thankful for and to be happy about and now I really can see it for the first time in a long time!

Not a full body shot or anything, but I like my hair in the picture...Plus you can kinda tell by my face that I am happier now than I have ever been...Life is great!

What can I even say about Mike? He is amazing, so incredibly supportive and loving... He has been through so much with me and has seriously held me up when I felt like I couldn't stand. He is our rock and is everything to us. He is such a hard worker and never has thought twice about working hard for our family. Even on his days off he is out working on the yard, making our house look amazing. Although since football season has started, he is spending a little more time on the couch...He deserves this and I am 100% OK with it. Best husband and Dad we could ask for, hands down....

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Kristen said...

I forget how i found your blog, but i hope you don't mind a "stranger" commenting. :) Just wanted to say CONGRATS on the weight loss. 31 pounds in 5 1/2 is amazing, & that is the perfect rate at which to lose it. Good for you for not using the excuse of "being a mom" as a way to get out of taking care of yourself!

I absolutely agree that when you aren't happy with your own body, you won't enjoy life as much as you could, and you also tend to take it at on your family, etc. Sounds like you have a great husband too...reminds me a bit of my guy. :)

Giggly said...

Alyssa! You look so fantastic!! I totally forgot to tell you last Tuesday!! So wonderful. :-)

Molly had a paci habit too, until her 3rd b-day. We took her to Disneyland for her birthday and told her we would go if she could be a big girl and throw away the paci. She did and was so proud. It was a little heart breaking, yet it was a proud moment for us too. for a while she would think about it, but she would reassure herself that she was a big girl now. :-)

Sheramy said...

ohhh my word!!! The boys are HUGE!!!!! i can't believe how big Austin is now! That is just soo crazy!! Hope all is well, miss ya'll.. tell Mike and everyone i said hello!!