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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm so happy because tonight I got some great deals at CVS and saved a ton of $$$$!!! The boys have been sick with colds and their doctor recommended that we give them benedryl. I knew we were out and we also needed a few other things. I figured I would use that opportunity to stock up on some other things... The picture above are the things I came home with. Of course Mike gave me the good ol' eye roll. However, after I told him how much I spent he was calling me his coupon queen... :) I post these things not to brag or rub it in anyones face but to inspire people, that you also can save money like this $$$!!! I don't really have a choice, we need all the extra money we can get and I really feel like I am doing my family a great service by saving money for us. So here are the items I got and how much they would have cost without coupons

CVS double pack of Nightime and Daytime cold and flu $7.99
CVS Kleenex $1.49
CVS hand sanitizer $2.99
Revlon nailpolish $3.99
Childrens Tylenol $6.00
Childrens Benedryl $5.00
Motrin $8.00
Adult Benedryl allergy/cold $5.00
2 packs of planters nut and fruit trail mix $3.00/2
2 cans of carnation evaporated milk $2.50/2
2 Thomas english muffins $3.69/ pack but were buy one get one
4 packs of gum $2.00

$51.65 is what I would have spent had a walked in there with no coupons....and that is with buying everything on sale!

but with a couple manufactures coupons, some cvs coupons, and earning extra bonus bucks, my total was....wait for it....$14.63

WHAT???!!! Crazy huh...

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