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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't believe that Austin is 2!!!! He had a super great birthday this year and he really understood that it was his special day. Mike had a 3 day weekend, so we were all home on the morning of his birthday. It was so much fun to celebrate all together. The night before Mike and I were up till midnight decorating the house, wrapping his presents and putting together his new tricycle. Finally I had everything set up for how I wanted it when he woke up.

Kaden's presents

He woke up bright and early Saturday morning. I think he knew that it was his birthday or something. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw all the decorations. Kaden was just as excited as Austin was. Kaden ran out in the living room first and squealed, "I got a new bike"!!! It was so sad because we told him that it was Austin's birthday and that was his present. We did get him a present too, but I think it was really hard for him seeing Austin get so much attention.
Austin's reaction to decorations

When Kaden realized that the tricycle wasn't for him...

Kaden eventually got over it. It took lots of talking about how we should all be excited to celebrate brother today and everyone has their very own day. We explained that he had his birthday in april and now it's brothers turn to have his day. We had lots to do to prepare for the party the next day. So we headed off to Costco to do some shopping. We got the boys a hot dog and then headed home for naps. We headed back up to SLO later in the afternoon and High St. Deli for dinner. Yum! We were trying to get everything done for the party, so we tried to get the boys to bed early. We knew the next day would also be a long one.

We had his party at Strother park this year. We have done the birthday parties in our backyard before but this year we just wanted to try something new. I have to say that it was really nice not having it at home. I think all the kids enjoyed having the spacious park to run around and play in. Not to mention cleanup was a breeze compared to having them in your backyard...

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