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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2nd week of preschool!

So here we are in the second week of preschool for Kaden. He was super excited this morning when he woke up for school and was really happy to have Grammie and Uncle "D" come with us to drop him off. He really wanted them to see where he went to school. We got him all ready and headed off to school. Kaden showed Grammie all his favorite things at school and then we left. He did great with us leaving, he has never cried or even acted sad. He seems to be really adjusting great.

While Kaden was at school, we decided to take Austin to the Avila barn. He had a ton of fun feeding all the animals. He laughed every time he gave them a piece of lettuce. I even caught him reaching his hand in there and yanking back on a goats horn.... yikes. He has no fear. He jumped around on the hay and looking at the toys and then he was ready to go pick up Kaden.

Kaden had a great day at school. He told me all about it on the way home, he even told me that he went potty at school, which was the first time he had done that. After everyone had left I asked the teacher how Kaden was doing. She said that he was doing great. She said "he sure is a happy boy!" I loved hearing that...She said he really seems to enjoy making friends and the socialization. I love that things are working out for him there and that he is thriving. I'm just so proud of him. To top it all off, he brought home this....

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