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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We took Austin to his 18 month check up last week...He is doing great! Here are his stats...

Austin Keith Byrum
18 months
height: 33 3/4" (85th %)
weight: 25lbs (45th %)

He is tall and skinny just like his brother!

funny story: While chatting with Dr. Macias, we were telling him about Kaden telling that little girl his name was "Kaden Barack Obama" (a couple posts down)...We were all laughing and talking about how silly and smart he is. Then we told him how Kaden told his Papa Lew that Austin's name was "Brother Keith Byrum", Kaden was listening and says "NO! His name is Barack O-Brother"!!! ha ha ha! Dr Macias couldn't believe him. He said it was crazy for him to #1 know who Barack Obama is...#2 for him to make a joke about it! He was laughing because you could almost see Kaden's little mind working to find something witty to say! God, I love those boys! I have a strong feeling that things won't get too serious in this household, I have some silly boys here...

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