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Monday, March 2, 2009

Daddy of the year

I seriously have the best husband...Yesterday he spent the entire morning mowing the lawns and maintaining our pretty little yard. Then he did 3 loads of laundry... I really need to learn to appreciate these little things he does for us. He works so hard, with little sleep and great determination to provide for his family. He is the best. He loves me when I don't love myself and is constantly telling me how perfect I am for him. He comes home everyday from work and before he can even change out of his work clothes, he has our little boys climbing all over him, begging for him to build them forts, play hide and seek, or play monsters. This leaves no time for himself most days. I just love him beyond words. Thank you for the sacrifice you make daily. You will never be able to understand how much we love you and appreciate you!

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Giggly said...

SO sweet!! Hooray for daddies!!