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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just some recent pictures that I love and an update....

My sweet little Kaden...almost 2!

Little Austin hamming it up again!

Serious boy-after his shots yesterday...

I could kiss this face all over...the sweetest!

Here's a little update:

Austin is up on his hands and knees and he acts like he is about to take off! Any day now he will be crawling!! I can't believe it!!!What a sweet little think Austin is though, he smiles and belly laughs constantly. We love him more everyday and we are seeing his little personality emerge! The other night Kaden had to go on time out for something he did to Austin and when Kaden came up to him to tell him sorry, Austin grabbed on to his hair and started pulling on it! It took Kaden by surprise and he was like "HAIR HAIR!" Mike and I looked at each other and just chuckled because it's already starting! We had Austin's 6 month check up yesterday! He is 17lbs 13oz and 27 3/4" long! Still a big boy. He is in the 50th percentile for his weight and 90th for his length. Doctor Macias says that he looks great and that he is very cute...of course! He had 3 shots, so yesterday was not his best day. He seemed fussier than usual last night and he did have a fever last night during the night. I hate shots!!! Poor little guy even cried before he had the shots like he remembered from last time. It was heartbreaking and as always I had to TRY not to cry myself. Kaden watched with a very concerned look, but deep down I think he was just happy it wasn't him. Kaden was really sweet to the doctor and gave him "five" and knuckles and proceeded to jump almost the entire appointment. It's his new thing...Dr. Macias was really impressed that he catches such air when he jumps, he said most kids don't learn to jump that young. Kaden even gave him a hug when he left the room. Overall, Kaden is amazing and hilarious. Last night he snuck a bite off the cutting board and when he put it in his mouth he said "DELICIOUS!" It was the first time Mike and I heard him say that. We laughed about that for a good half hour. These boys of ours are just a light in our lives and everyday we try to enjoy them and the age they are, because we all know how fast it goes by!!! Easter is this Sunday! Can't wait to see how the boys do with everything! Happy Easter to everyone!!!! XOXO The Byrums....

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