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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My babies....

Hello everyone! I started this so I can update everyone on our family. This will be easier for me to post pictures and tell stories here instead of sending out pictures everyday. I will still send out pictures when I can too! Little Austin is going to be 3 months tomorrow! It's crazy to think how fast things have gone by!!! He is so sweet, his little personality is starting to come out and he is no longer that baby that just sits there. He is now reaching for things and trying to play. He makes cooing noises and tries his hardest to talk. Kaden is 20 months now and is talking up a storm. We are surprised every day by his ever expanding vocabulary. It's so sweet to hear his voice and it's nice for him to tell us what he needs and wants. He can say almost anything he hears, so we all have to be careful what we say around him. Overall, everyone is doing great. Mike is working hard as always, preparing for the holiday season in the grocery business is always a busy time of year. However, he still continues to be a wonderful husband to me and a fantastic Daddy to our boys. I am really enjoying being a mom. I am busy at all times during the day and I find that my job is never done... but I am the happiest that I have ever been right now. My family is my world and I am just thankful for them. Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hopefully I can post more before Christmas, but just in case...Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

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Stacy said...

OMG....I can't believe how big Austin is...And what can you say about that Kaden kid. YUMMY. Thanks for the blog...Love you guys, Stacy & Bobby