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Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to work this week!

This week was a good week...It is starting to feel more and more like Christmas around here. We still haven't gotten our tree yet, but we did get our lights up and some Christmas decorations around the house. The Tree will be this weekend. On Wednesday I went back to work, back to Salon Lux, just two days a week. It was weird being away from the boys but I actually liked doing my own thing for the day. I think it will be good for me. Wednesday was also the day that Santa Claus was going to be at Mike's work...So, Kaden got to sit on Santa's lap and actually so did Austin. Kaden was not scared or shy around Santa, he gave him a high five and touched his beard! I missed that which made me kinda sad, but were going to try and take them again so I can go. We got two adorable pictures on Polaroid film which reminds me of the pictures of me and Santa when I was little. Kaden learned a new word... "Claus"! Everyday he learns something new, it is amazing to me. Thursday was the first day Mike stayed home with both boys all day long. He did a great job, however the boys stayed in their pajamas all day and they didn't leave the house at all. :) He got a glimpse of what it is like to stay home with them. It was nice for me to see that when I leave everything can still be taken care of. The boys loved being with their Dad and Momma got a break!

Here is Kaden at the dinosaur park on Friday, we had to get him out, to burn off some energy!

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