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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The dreaded 5 year well check...

I have been dreading Kaden's 5 year well check for a while now. I knew he would have to get some shots for kindergarten and I just didn't know how well that would go. About two weeks before I broke the news to him. He looked at me super worried and started to cry. Not how I wanted the conversation to unfold. Over the two weeks that we had to wait, we talked a lot about the appointment. He asked a lot of questions and wanted to know what it would feel like. He thought he was only going to need one, I thought two MAYBE three...Actually he had to get 4!!!!! By the time we made it in to appointment, he was in good spirits. I had my Mom take Weston and Austin out on a walk, that way I could give Kaden the attention he needed. He did so good. He didn't cry at all!!! I was so so proud of him. Here are his 5 year stats...

Kaden Michael
Age: 5
Weight: 42 lbs (50th%)
Height: 44" (65th%)

Kindergarten here we come!

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