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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to school 2010

Kaden went back to school yesterday and it was really refreshing to get back into a routine again. Kaden has always loved school and has never had a problem adjusting to it. We went to his orientation last Friday and he started Monday. Mike happened to have the day off, so we took Austin out to the pier and spent some time with him while Kaden was at school. Kaden loved having Mike there for both the pick up and drop off. When I told him that Mike was going to be there his face lit up and he said "It's my lucky day!" So cute how much they love their Daddy! On the way to the school, Austin had some words of advice for his brother. We heard him back there saying "you be nice to the kids at school Kaden". When it was time for us to leave, Austin gave Kaden a big hug and told him that he loved him. They have bonded a lot this summer. I think Austin did enjoy the time he had with us alone. He doesn't get a ton of one on one time. So that was really great for him and for us!

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