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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Kaden

It seems like yesterday, well maybe not yesterday, but at the very most last year that Kaden came into our lives. He is our firstborn, our bubba, our silly little man. We love him so much and he is going to be 4 tomorrow! What?! How did that happen so fast?

He has blessed our lives every day since the second he entered it. He makes us laugh with the silly things he says and the funny faces he makes. We couldn't love him more than we do!

Love you Kaden! Happy 4th Birthday to our firstborn boy. You will always be special to us.

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Elise said...

wow, time flies. I remember when you were waiting to hear back from the doctor if you were pregnant and I asked you "will you freak out if you are?" and you said you would be happy. you explained that you had met the right guy and that you felt like you were at the right time in your life. that moment has always stuck out in my mind.