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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kaden turns into a super hero!

Kaden is a notorious picky eater... We have always had issues getting him to eat certain things. It seems like as time goes on, the worse it gets. In the past, we have tried everything. Rewards, timeouts, serving his dinner from last night for breakfast, etc...Nothing seemed to make stubborn Kaden budge in eating something he had decided he didn't want. Usually it's things that I know he would love if he would just try them. Like macaroni and cheese, pizza, chicken nugs, the list goes on...It can be beyond frustrating for us. However, last night things took a turn. Mike was trying to get Kaden to just try the tri tip that he had bbq'd for dinner. Kaden was pulling his usual antics. Running away, refusing to even taste it. So I decided to try some good old reverse psychology on him. So I got really serious and I said to Mike, "NO! Don't feed him that stuff, he might turn into a super hero or something, whatever you do, don't let him eat that meat!!!!!" I saw the look on Kadens face as the wheels started to turn within his brain. A smile appeared on his little face and he said, "I WILL eat that meat!" I decided to keep up and exclaimed to Mike, "NO!!!! Don't give him any, it will give him super powers and he may grow huge muscles!!!" This only fueled the fire more and Kaden was itching to get his hands on the tri-tip. He preceded to eat like 10 pieces of meat. We pretended that we could see the muscles growing on him and that he looked like he was turning into batman....It was hilarious. He flew around the house, making noises, turning off the lights, etc.... He really truly thought that he had turned into a superhero! I don't know if this will work ever again, but I have to say that we are making progress....

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