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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A good week...

We had a good week this week! We are well once again...I have been able to get out of the house and get exercise every day this week! I am so proud of myself for making the time for me, and I feel the difference. I know now that that is what was missing from my life and I just need it to function. It's something I've known, it's just a matter of doing it!!!

Here is a little funny story about Kaden...

The other night we were having a really hard time getting him to go to sleep. This has been an issue with him for weeks now. We have tried everything it seems and the boys just doesn't want to go to sleep without putting up a fight. He acts scared and panicky and I'm just not ok with letting him cry in his room if he is really scared...Whatever...So this particular night we asked him if he would want to come and lay with us in our bed. Usually as soon as Kaden gets in there with us, he asks to go in his room and he goes to sleep. Don't ask, not sure if this is a power struggle between us or what...Anyways, I told him to snuggle up to me as close as he can, because Mike has a really hard time sleeping with the babies in the bed. So, Kaden is snuggling up to me really close. Mike was messing with Kaden a little and snuggled up to him really close and had his arm over him and me. Kaden quickly acted very aggitated and told him to get away. Here is the conversation between the two of them...

Mike: "But I'm trying to snuggle with Mama"
Kaden: "NO! I'm snuggling with Mama"
Mike: "But she is my wife, I want to snuggle with her!"
Kaden: "NO! She is my wife!"

Mike and I both laughed and laughed about that one. The boys are so funny!

I think Austin has just gone through a growth spurt because he just seems so tall now and all the sudden seems like a big boy. We had a friend over the other night that had a two year old boy. Austin was almost as tall as him. It really put things into perspective. Our boys are big!!! They are just tall. Austin got busted several times for trying to hit. Kaden was also being a little bit of a bully too! I was kind of embarrased about that. Oh well, as long as nobody gets hurt, boys will be boys!!!

I will leave you with a few pictures of this week!

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Giggly said...

Glad to hear you are all well again! lOVE ALL THE PICS :)