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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

It's hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone! It's crazy that we are already 4 days into November! What?! We had a good Halloween this year. This was Austin's first year where he kinda knew what was going on. Uncle Bobby and Aunt Stacy arrived Friday morning and we spent most of the day playing with the boys in the back yard. When Daddy got home from work and the boys were up from their naps, we headed out to the village for a little trick or treating...
Honestly, we probably won't go back next year. I have to say I find it really lame that they don't close down the street for this event. They have yellow tape up along the street, but anyone knows that yellow tape is not going to stop a toddler from running into the street. There were just way too many people and way too many cars. People were walking in both directions and it felt like a constant traffic jam. I just didn't find it very fun this year being down there. Halloween in itself is already incredibly overwhelming for kids, add a little bit of candy and hundreds of people and that is the recipe for a toddler melt down!!! After coming home from the village we decided that we would skip the trick or treating through the neighborhoods. We have the rest of their childhood to introduce them to that. It just wasn't worth it...We certainly didn't need or want more candy hanging around the house either. :) Kaden had lots of fun getting all dressed up in his pirate costume and Austin looked absolutely adorable in his dinosaur costume.
Later that night, after Austin was lost in dreamland, we decided to take Kaden on a walk to try and calm him down. We were walking through the neighborhood and we saw a coyote running through the street!!! I guess weirder things have happened on Halloween. We spent most of Saturday being lazy and shopping. The boys were spoiled once again by their Uncle Bobby and Aunt Stacy, Kaden got a new fire engine and pet monkey. Austin got a toy dog with a leash. Bobby and Stacy left on Sunday morning before we were awake. We had a blast with them and the boys were really sad to see them gone when they woke up.

Kaden is doing much better sleeping in his bed. He now goes down pretty easily at night and usually stays in his bed till 5 or 6am...Then he comes in bed with us. Better than him being up several times during the night and going into Austin's room and waking him up!!! Yeah, that was happening for about a week. It was torture... He is finally getting used to his bed and we are so proud of him.

Austin runs through the house now. He is getting his first year molars in right now, but he is taking it like a champ. Poor kid has been chewing and gumming anything he can. He continues to be a daddy's boy and I love that too!!! I'm debating whether or not to cut his hair. Last night Mike suggested we buzz his hair and I nearly choked...Ummm, you mean his curly adorable hair? Absolutely not!...I can't cut those curls off. His hair goes down to the middle of his back when it's wet! He has the cutest little curls I have ever seen. I'm not ready...

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving in Napa this year. We can't wait to see everyone. There are family members that we haven't seen since last Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading yet another update....

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