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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall is in the air...

So much as gone as since my last post. I really would love to get better about posting on here, however Kaden and Austin are keeping me pretty busy. We are all doing really good though. In the month of September Austin turned 1!!! We celebrated with tons of family and friends and had our first birthday party in our backyard. It was so much fun! As you can see below, Austin did NOT like his cake, but he had lots of fun opening presents!

So far the month of October has flown by. I really can't believe that Halloween is almost here. This will be Kaden's 3rd Halloween and Austin's 2nd. Kaden is going to be a pirate and Austin will be a dinosaur. Both of them look adorable in their costumes. We are excited to have Uncle Bobby and Aunt Stacey for Halloween this year...

Kaden is at a great age! We can't believe the things that come out of his mouth. He is now talking in full sentences. We bought him a toddler bed about a month ago, a race car bed...It has been kind of a rough transition, but we are getting there. The other night I was laying in his bed with him after an hour of him getting up and out of bed. I was talking to him about his bed and I asked him why he wasn't sleeping in his new cool bed. I told him that when he slept in a crib he went right to sleep and slept all night long. So, I asked him "why won't you go to sleep?!" He says, "I don't want to be a big boy anymore, I just want to be Kaden...I want my old bed back". It made me smile and broke my heart at the same time. Last night we were in his room singing some songs before bed. He is already into Christmas songs and he wanted to sing "the snowman song" and "the santa claus song"...So, I would sing a few words and then I would point to him and he would sing. I was surprised to hear that he knows most of the words! It was adorable...Last week, I noticed that Kaden had found an old tube of mascara, not thinking that he would actually open it, I wasn't too worried about it. Turns out, I should have been a little more on top of taking that away from him. Kaden also had his very first dentist appointment yesterday and he did amazing. We have been talking with him about the appointment for months, preparing him for what the dentist would need to do (look in his mouth, brush his teeth. etc...) He opened his mouth right up for the hygentist and let her brush his teeth WAY better than he lets me. No cavities and everything looks great. It was a success!

Austin is amazing right now. We love him so much. He is now not only walking, but he is running! He is enjoying the freedom he has now to get around so much faster and without bruising his knees. He is constantly "talking", it's mostly baby babble, but some words he can say are: "mama", "Daddy", "Kitty", "hot", "get down", "Doggy"... I'm sure there is more. That boy is really starting to become a "daddy's boy"...I was sad about this for about 2 seconds and then I realized that everytime he goes to his daddy, it's more time for them to bond and also a much needed break for mama. He is a teething machine right now and I think he may be getting every singe tooth he is supposed to be getting RIGHT NOW all at the same time. Needless to say, it has been kinda brutal. Kaden gets up every morning when he hears Austin and goes in his room and gets in his crib with him. I love waking up every morning to the sounds of them giggling in Austin's room. Not to mention, it allows me to sleep for an extra 20 minutes or so...

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Gotta run...The boys need their Mama! xoxo

Sunday, October 19, 2008




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